Theerthavaari at Thiruvannamalai Lord Arunachaleswarar temple performed within the temple complex!

January 20, 2022, 10:29 553 views

For the 2nd year in succession, Theerthavaari at the Lord Arunachaleswarar temple was performed and organised by the Temple by the Thiruvannamalai Temple Administration within the Temple Complex.

As such, special Abhishekhams were performed on the deities of Lord Arunachaleswarar and His Consort Unnamulai Amman and the deities were specially adorned! Then, Deeparadhanai was performed.

After the Deeparadhanai, the deity of Lord Arunachaleswarar was taken from the third corridor of the temple to the 5th corridor to offer Darshan.

The sacred water from the River Thenpennaiyaru was kept at the Annadhanakoodam and the first holy Theerthavaari was performed on the ‘Soolaroopam’ of the Lord Arunachaleswarar, Asthiradevar’ with the divine music of Nadaswaram and Mridangam.

After this, Abhishekhams were performed with Turmeric, Milk, and Sandal. Deeparadhanai was performed. After this, the deity was taken on a procession on the temple corridors.