Special Abhishekham performed for deities in Thiruvannamalai temple on 7th September

On the Friday of 7th September, on the New Moon Pradosham Day in the Tamil calendar month of Aavani, special abhishekhams were performed in the following sanctum sanctorums of all the deities in the famous Thiruvannamalai temple of the Lord Arunachaleswarar:

The smaller Nandhi located in the 1st corridor Pradosha Mandapam

Saravilakku Nandhi located in the 2nd corridor
Nandhi located in the flag-tree in the 3rd corridor
The smaller Nandhi located in the 4th corridor opposite the parrot temple tower (Kili Gopuram)
The larger nandhi located in the 5th corridor opposite Vallaal Maharaja temple tower (Gopuram).

The research conference of the famous 63 Saivait saints, known as Nayanmars, is scheduled at 7.30 PM opposite the Raja Gopuram.

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