Karthigai Deepam Panthakal Festival at Thiruvannamalai Temple

Durga Festival is to be celebrated during the Thirukkarthigai Brahmotsavam from 11th November to 27th November. The holy occasion of setting up the wooden pillars for the festival was celebrated today morning (Monday, 27th August).

A special Abhishekham and Deeparadhanai were performed for the setting up of the wooden pillars for the Karthigai Brahmotsavam at the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord Sambandha Vinayakar located in the 3rd corridor of the Thiruvannamalai temple.

Subsequently, with Pichagar Raghu carried the wooden pillar base in presence of the temple joint commissioner Gnanasekaran and the Tamil Nadu State government Minister Sevur Ramachandran, special Deeparadhanai was performed for the Maharaths.

After this, the wooden pillars were installed.

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