Ideal timing for undertaking Girivalam at Tiruvannamalai on Vaikasi month!

June 2, 2023, 14:00 747 views

The Full Moon Girivalam in Thiruvannamalai will begin tomorrow, June 3rd, at 10:54 am and last until 9:11 am on June 4th. The temple administration has announced that this is the best time to visit Girivalam , as the crowds will be smaller.

Due to the large number of devotees expected to visit the temple during the Full Moon, the temple administration has cancelled the two-day session darshan and special darshan at the Annamalaiyar temple. Devotees can still perform regular darshan at the temple.

The Full Moon Girivalam is a sacred pilgrimage that involves circumambulating the holy mountain of Arunachala. It is believed that by walking around the mountain, devotees can cleanse themselves of sin and achieve moksha, or liberation.