6th Day of the Chithirai Festival at Thiruvannamalai Temple

On the 6th Day of the grand Vasantha Utsavam, the deity of the Lord Periyanayakar Somaskandar was especially adorned and was brought to the specially erected ‘Vettiver pandhal’. The deity was offered prayers and worship by the devotees for some time. Subsequently, the event of showering of the dolls of the service girls dressed in silk with 10 holy rounds around the pandhal.

Subsequently, the deity was brought to the ‘Thacholi Mandapam’ (where the temple construction workers took rest when the temple was built) and a grand Deeparadhanai was performed.

As Chithra Pournami is scheduled o start at 7.11 PM on 18th April, Thursday, the devotees visiting Thiruvannamalai, after casting their votes in their respective polling booths, may visit during the evening or night.

It is a great tradition and extremely sacred and good to take a ‘pradakshan’ (a round) of the mountain This will also provide relief from the scorching sun!

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