Three important festivals occur together in Thiruvannamalai temple

The sacred Hindu day on Tuesday 13th February

  • This day is the important Hindu festival of Mahashivarathri
  • This marks the start of the sacred Tamil calendar month Masi
  •  The day is also a day of Maha Pradosham

Thus, 3 grand occasions fall on a single day on 13th February.

It was observed that a substantial crowd of devotees undertaking the mountain route (Girivalam) from early morning 4.00AM.

A sequence of sacred events are scheduled to be performed in the temple of Lord Arunachaleswarar:

  • Laksharchana from the morning
  • Pradosham Pooja in the evening
  • The deity of Lord Sundareswarar carried on the carriage of silver bull to offer darshan to the devotees in the evening.
  • Midnight: The annual special Abhiskhekham performed on the deity of Lingothpawar in the 1st corridor Koshtam
  • Adorning the deity of Lord Arunachaleswarar with silver kavas am (shield)
  • Adorning the deity with ‘Thaazhampoo’ (screw-pine flower) and performing Deeparadhanai
  • Grand Nadhaswaram recital in front of the Temple Adornment Mandapam by Nadaswara Vidwan Pichandi and Group
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