Divine marriage the presiding deities of God and Goddess performed at the Thiruvannamalai temple

On the super-auspicious occasion of Panguni Uthiram (-The Hindu system – the star Uthiram falling on the Full Moon Day on the Hindu calendar month of Panguni), the divine marriage of the deity of the Lord Periyanayakar Somskandar was taken to the 3rd corridor of the temple in front of the temple flag and the deity of Goddess Parasakthi Amman was taken to the Deepadarisana Mandapam.

Fater this, the event of exchanging of garlands on the deities was performed. The Lord, along with His Consort Goddess Parasakthi Amman was taken to the Marriage Hall or the Thirukkalayana Mandapam. Then, with the chanting of holy Vedas, the divine marriage was performed.

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