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Sacred period Uttharayan commences on 16th January

The sacred period Uttharayan commences on 16th January after the start of the Tamil calendar month ‘Thai’. During the morning, the event of the Lord Periyanayakar offering Darshan to the Nandhis was performed. Subsequently, the deity of Lord Pariyanayakar offered Darshan to the Sun God and the devotees at Thitti Vasal . In the evening, […]

Arudhra Darisanam at Thiruvannamalai on 23rd December

The grand and sacred occasion of ‘Arudhra Darisanam’ was performed at the Thiruvannamalai Lord Arunchaleswarar temple yesterday (Sunday, 23rd December). Special abhishekhams were performed at the early morning from 3.00 AM on the deities of Lord Nataraja and His Consort Goddess Sivakami were specially adorned. Subsequently, Deeparadanai and Mahadeepam ‘mai’ (Kohl) was applied on the […]