6 Important Features of Kasi Sivarathri

February 20, 2020, 15:58 409 views
The old literary classics inform that following above 6 activities must be observed while performing the special prayer on the occasion of Maha Sivarathri to be offered to Lord Siva either from the residence or at a temple!
  • Performing Abhishekh on Siva linga – This signifies the purification of the soul.
  • Applying kumkum (a special item made using turmeric for applying on the forehead) – this will lead to adopting good manners and good benefits.
  • Offering items to the Lord Siva – It will give a longer life. It will also fulfil one’s wishes!
  • Lighting the lamp – Will bring wealth!
  • Lighting Diya – an earthenware lamp with oil and wick lighted at one end) – Signifies attaining wisdom or ‘gnana’.
  • Offering betel leaf – It will offer contentment on worldly pleasures.
Significant information bits (literature-related to Lord Siva):
  • Periya puranam is also known as ‘Thirutthondar puranam’.
  • Sekkizhar is the poet who compiled the classic ‘Thiruvilaiyadal puranam’
  • ‘Meikandathevar’ is the author of the literary classic work ‘Sivagnanabhodham’
  • The Rishi Paranjothi wrote the classic ‘Thiruvilaiyadal puranam’.