Three important festivals occur together in Thiruvannamalai temple

The sacred Hindu day on Tuesday 13th February

  • This day is the important Hindu festival of Mahashivarathri
  • This marks the start of the sacred Tamil calendar month Masi
  •  The day is also a day of Maha Pradosham

Thus, 3 grand occasions fall on a single day on 13th February.

It was observed that a substantial crowd of devotees undertaking the mountain route (Girivalam) from early morning 4.00AM.

A sequence of sacred events are scheduled to be performed in the temple of Lord Arunachaleswarar:

  • Laksharchana from the morning
  • Pradosham Pooja in the evening
  • The deity of Lord Sundareswarar carried on the carriage of silver bull to offer darshan to the devotees in the evening.
  • Midnight: The annual special Abhiskhekham performed on the deity of Lingothpawar in the 1st corridor Koshtam
  • Adorning the deity of Lord Arunachaleswarar with silver kavas am (shield)
  • Adorning the deity with ‘Thaazhampoo’ (screw-pine flower) and performing Deeparadhanai
  • Grand Nadhaswaram recital in front of the Temple Adornment Mandapam by Nadaswara Vidwan Pichandi and Group

Mahashivarathri festival in Thiruvannamalai temple

A special Abhishekham performed on the deity of Lord Lingothpawar at the Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar temple from 11.00 PM (13th February) to today 1.00 AM. (14th February).

A special Abhiskekham was performed on the ‘Periya Nandhi’ in the 5th corridor of the temple in the evening (Tuesday, 13th February). Special adornments were offered to the Periya Nandhi and Deeparadhanai was performed.

At 8.00 PM, The deity of Arulmigu Lord Chandrasekharar was taken on a procession on the carriage of silver ‘Rishabham’ (bull) along the 3rd corridor of the temple.

Tuesday, 13th February was the 1st day of the Tamil Calendar month Masi and it is a day of Pradosham.

Mahashivarathri is the most sacred day in the Hindu tradition and there was a huge crowd of devotees to have a Darshan of the Lord Arunachaleswarar.