Ramana Maharishi’s 138th birth anniversary

Mahan Ramana Maharishi was born 30th December 1879 in the place called Tiruchuzhi, near Madurai. He attained Moksha after he visited Thiruvannamalai and got enlightened.

The birth anniversary of Sri Ramana Maharishi is being celebrated annually in the Ramansharam located on the Thiruvannamalai girivalam route.

Accordingly, on the Tamil star Punarpoosam during the Tamil calendar month of Margazhi yesterday (Wednesday, 3rd January), Sri Ramana Maharishi’s 138th birth anniversary was celebrated at the Ramanashram. Rudra abhishekham was performed at 4.00 AM. Then, special adornment was done followed by Deeparadhanai and special Tamil religious chanting was performed.